Thursday, November 5, 2009

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Greetings from Appalachia


These lovely ladies actually hail from New York, but plan to make Portland home this fall, and guys, you’ll be glad to have 'em. A trio, that recently added on two more members ( a cellist and percussionist) the ladies of Paul's Grandfather produce a folk style siren song that the Dixie Chicks ain't got 'nottin on. Charming tambourine jingles and hand clap cadences, coupled with ragtime piano riffs and the subtle moaning of a well played cello guarantee good times throughout. Be sure to check out "Jailbirdy", I have no clever metaphors or witty aphorisms to describe it, it's just genius.

What do YOU do in your spare time?....


Time to spare really is an appropriate name for these guys. The stoner friendly vibe of their music pays homage to the beginning of a very important relationship, when idle mind met guitar.

But make no mistake; this music is anything but idle. Their self titled debut album contains a host of songs that present pleasing idiosyncrasy, the jazzy articulation of the guitar picking on "the fool", provides a head bobbingly good feel that is much in contrast with lyrics about not knowing who your true friends are. The warm feel on "Easy days" provides a jam to cruise with on your way to no where in particular. "The slave" kicks of with a bluegrass entry, and plays on to showcase a jam band style savvy, which highlights the trio's cohesive prowess.
These really are some good tunes for your spare time.. or not so spare time... anytime really.
You can check out their myspace at, or the band website at, where you can also purchase a copy of their album.
They also have a few shows comming up

Nov 11 2009
Dixie tavern
portland, Oregon
Dec 1 2009
Mt Tabor Theatre
Portland, Oregon
Dec 2 2009
Twilight Cafe
Portland, Oregon

Friday, October 30, 2009

Straight from the underground...


The Notes Underground pump out a sound that carries a hard to describe rawness to it, The Violent Femmes come to mind, which brings in an almost punky feel to this blues rock trio. "I got this feeling/'don't feel right/been here for days/won't go away" guitarist/vocalist Jarrod Schneyer whines over a rhythm reminiscent of The Clash's "London Calling" on a track called "Here to stay", where keyboardist Trevor Erlacher's well played lines bring in a bit of The Doors. On "She" the underground combine driving guitar and drums with Scheneyer's vocals, which carry a Thorogood demeanor, to create an impressive tune with a satisfying snarl to it. These guys combine blues, soul, and punk rock elements to create a driving sound that reflects the restlessness of past generations, but the refreshing stripped down tone keeps it far from being nostalgic.

You can check them out on myspace here:

One man band....


Cody Weathers has the hypnotic appeal of the musicians you see busking on the street, the one that puts you in a rhythmic trance, and forces people to sidestep around you as you stand cemented, enthralled by the madness. Weathers skillfully blends string snapping acoustic riffs over West African percussive riots. His aggressive folk howling couples nicely with his pleasingly manic scat-style vocals, which contribute a surprising jazz vibe. Weathers is a one man band, so aside from his skills on the guitar and mic, he also covers percussion and bass in the studio. Recordings such as "I am the moon" and "Best of days" demonstrate his ability to create a rhythmic powerhouse. Weathers' music will hit you from every direction, and is sure to keep you moving.
To experiance it yourself, check out his website: , where you can buy his CD's, and also choose from a selection of free MP3 downloads. You can also visit his myspace:
Be sure to check out one of his live shows:

Oct 24 2009
Elevated Coffee
Portland, Oregon
Nov 4 2009
Capitol Coffee
Portland, Oregon
Nov 14 2009
Insomnia Coffee
Hillsboro, Oregon
Dec 21 2009
KJ’s Bar & Grill
Portland, Oregon

Burlesque tunes from the future...


Listening to The Orbiters is like listening to bands such as The Cure or The Pixies... but in an underground saloon... sometime in the early 1900's. Ok, maybe that last part was a bit hyperbolic, but The Orbiters carry that haunting melodic feeling, akin to the aforementioned bands, but with a burlesque and at times old western feel, compliments of the twangy guitar riffs, and squeaky horn variations, (The Speakeasy). But at the same time, with use of cleverly placed synths and quirky sound effects, they can attain a spacey outer planetary feel ("We've seen" and "Holly hobgoblin & the ode to Halloween"). Songs like "spyder" and "cute shoes" carry an almost Tom Petty-ish feel, with the latter being touched over by a steel pedal, brass combo that really makes it their own. You really get the feeling that this group are dedicated scholars of their craft, and aren't affraid to draw influence from the various styles they've studied, and then mash them together into a pleasently quirky stew of sound.
They're currently working on a new album, but in the mean time check out their myspace

Into the wild...

When you first here Ryan Rounkles you might catch some James Blunt vibes that could put you off at first, thinking: "Not another one". But this guy pulls it off; bringing just enough flare with him up from Louisiana to the Northwest, to take you into the wild. His lyrics produce vivid imagery that tend to take you other places, whether it be a worn down house in the northern country in the midst of fall, or maybe wandering the streets of Manhattan, really wishing you had more company than just the cup of coffee in your hand, and your breath in the air. And even backpacking through Eastern Europe with the unsettling feeling that you really don't know where you’re going, which is actually based on a true story (see "Guitar and a bag"). Ryan has a knack for aesthetic through subtlety, whether it is the sparse use of haunting percussion, or the sharp crescendo of fuzz on "my favorite girl", that really does an effective job of adding another dimension to his distressed, feverish vocals. I have an uncle that is of the firm conviction that in order to really find one self, every man should hike into the woods, and get lost there for a week, with nothing but a rifle and some pots and pans. It would only be appropriate to have Ryan Rounkles' music as the soundtrack to such a rite of passage.

Check out his website,, or his myspace,

You can also go see him live, at the following venues:

Nov 10 2009
Twilight Cafe and Bar
Portland, Oregon
Nov 17 2009
Mt. Tabor Theater
Portland, Oregon
Dec 8 2009
Tiger Bar
Portland, Oregon
Apr 22 2010
Territorial Vineyards Wineroom
Eugene, Oregon