Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Sleeping Giant has moved for the time being

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Greetings from Appalachia


These lovely ladies actually hail from New York, but plan to make Portland home this fall, and guys, you’ll be glad to have 'em. A trio, that recently added on two more members ( a cellist and percussionist) the ladies of Paul's Grandfather produce a folk style siren song that the Dixie Chicks ain't got 'nottin on. Charming tambourine jingles and hand clap cadences, coupled with ragtime piano riffs and the subtle moaning of a well played cello guarantee good times throughout. Be sure to check out "Jailbirdy", I have no clever metaphors or witty aphorisms to describe it, it's just genius.

What do YOU do in your spare time?....


Time to spare really is an appropriate name for these guys. The stoner friendly vibe of their music pays homage to the beginning of a very important relationship, when idle mind met guitar.

But make no mistake; this music is anything but idle. Their self titled debut album contains a host of songs that present pleasing idiosyncrasy, the jazzy articulation of the guitar picking on "the fool", provides a head bobbingly good feel that is much in contrast with lyrics about not knowing who your true friends are. The warm feel on "Easy days" provides a jam to cruise with on your way to no where in particular. "The slave" kicks of with a bluegrass entry, and plays on to showcase a jam band style savvy, which highlights the trio's cohesive prowess.
These really are some good tunes for your spare time.. or not so spare time... anytime really.
You can check out their myspace at, or the band website at, where you can also purchase a copy of their album.
They also have a few shows comming up

Nov 11 2009
Dixie tavern
portland, Oregon
Dec 1 2009
Mt Tabor Theatre
Portland, Oregon
Dec 2 2009
Twilight Cafe
Portland, Oregon