Friday, October 30, 2009

Burlesque tunes from the future...


Listening to The Orbiters is like listening to bands such as The Cure or The Pixies... but in an underground saloon... sometime in the early 1900's. Ok, maybe that last part was a bit hyperbolic, but The Orbiters carry that haunting melodic feeling, akin to the aforementioned bands, but with a burlesque and at times old western feel, compliments of the twangy guitar riffs, and squeaky horn variations, (The Speakeasy). But at the same time, with use of cleverly placed synths and quirky sound effects, they can attain a spacey outer planetary feel ("We've seen" and "Holly hobgoblin & the ode to Halloween"). Songs like "spyder" and "cute shoes" carry an almost Tom Petty-ish feel, with the latter being touched over by a steel pedal, brass combo that really makes it their own. You really get the feeling that this group are dedicated scholars of their craft, and aren't affraid to draw influence from the various styles they've studied, and then mash them together into a pleasently quirky stew of sound.
They're currently working on a new album, but in the mean time check out their myspace

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