Thursday, October 29, 2009

North meets South


Successfully combining elements of country with southern rock is an often overseen and difficult task, a skill usually reserved for the likes of greatness, But with this groups soul felt country vocals, along with it's guitar and piano riffs that so skillfully bring in a taste of the south, The Clinton Johnson band may very well have the potential to be just that, in fact I have no idea why they aren’t signed yet. Front man Danny Clinton's home style crooning lies perfectly over guitarist Vince Johnson’s riveting guitar licks, with a combined effect that is sure to identify with each moment of the listeners day, whether it be the anticipation of a brand new day with a coffee and cigarette in the morning, or staggering aimlessly into the night. Be sure to check out the hilarious "I didn't kill her", and the battle scarred "I'm glad my momma can't see me".

I'll be sure to update you on upcomming shows, but in the meantime, check out their myspace

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