Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, blues is back...


After hearing these dudes kick out tunes like; "Gimme some lovin'", and "Messin' with the kid", it makes me ashamed that I even attempted to perform them at my high school pep rallies. This 10 piece Portland Blues Brothers tribute, also performing as a stripped down 5-piece group to showcase their original works, has members that hail from all over the country, pumps out tunes with a bluesy swagger to be reckoned with. They may do Blues Brother's tunes, but with a fire that's unmistakably all theirs. Be sure to check out my favorites "Messin' with the kid", and "Soul man".

To hear them for yourself, or for information on where to see them, or buy their music check out their website

or their myspace

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