Thursday, October 29, 2009

Feist, move the f*** over.


Carley Baer could break up with you, and make you enjoy it. Apologies to my fellow brethren, but some women just have a talent for bending your emotions with the pitch of their voice, in a way that is really unique to their gender. Behold "Your lost cause", which will have you calling all your ex girlfriends and apologizing like you were involved in a twelve step program, or "Bunny Pig" a warm acoustic melody that melts you automatically, exactly what is a bunny pig? It doesn't matter... it doesn't matter. Carley Baer has an equal, if not exceeding talent, compared to the biggest folk darlings out there today, only her songs aren't synonymous with an ipod commercial, which is a plus.

Catch her in Portland at The Mississippi Pizza Club Nov.3rd, The Hawthorne on Nov.15th, or at the Gotham Tavern Nov. 27th.

Check out her myspace at, and while your there go ahead and make a donation, with proceeds going to her album production, because let's face it... you could use the good karma.

1 comment:

  1. Bravo Carley! I always said "Your Lost Cause" was my favorite and now as it turns out, it is lots of other folks favorite as well. You move people with your music so get on that cd and give us all a treat!
    Love you!
    Mama Baer