Friday, October 30, 2009

Into the wild...

When you first here Ryan Rounkles you might catch some James Blunt vibes that could put you off at first, thinking: "Not another one". But this guy pulls it off; bringing just enough flare with him up from Louisiana to the Northwest, to take you into the wild. His lyrics produce vivid imagery that tend to take you other places, whether it be a worn down house in the northern country in the midst of fall, or maybe wandering the streets of Manhattan, really wishing you had more company than just the cup of coffee in your hand, and your breath in the air. And even backpacking through Eastern Europe with the unsettling feeling that you really don't know where you’re going, which is actually based on a true story (see "Guitar and a bag"). Ryan has a knack for aesthetic through subtlety, whether it is the sparse use of haunting percussion, or the sharp crescendo of fuzz on "my favorite girl", that really does an effective job of adding another dimension to his distressed, feverish vocals. I have an uncle that is of the firm conviction that in order to really find one self, every man should hike into the woods, and get lost there for a week, with nothing but a rifle and some pots and pans. It would only be appropriate to have Ryan Rounkles' music as the soundtrack to such a rite of passage.

Check out his website,, or his myspace,

You can also go see him live, at the following venues:

Nov 10 2009
Twilight Cafe and Bar
Portland, Oregon
Nov 17 2009
Mt. Tabor Theater
Portland, Oregon
Dec 8 2009
Tiger Bar
Portland, Oregon
Apr 22 2010
Territorial Vineyards Wineroom
Eugene, Oregon

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