Friday, October 30, 2009

One man band....


Cody Weathers has the hypnotic appeal of the musicians you see busking on the street, the one that puts you in a rhythmic trance, and forces people to sidestep around you as you stand cemented, enthralled by the madness. Weathers skillfully blends string snapping acoustic riffs over West African percussive riots. His aggressive folk howling couples nicely with his pleasingly manic scat-style vocals, which contribute a surprising jazz vibe. Weathers is a one man band, so aside from his skills on the guitar and mic, he also covers percussion and bass in the studio. Recordings such as "I am the moon" and "Best of days" demonstrate his ability to create a rhythmic powerhouse. Weathers' music will hit you from every direction, and is sure to keep you moving.
To experiance it yourself, check out his website: , where you can buy his CD's, and also choose from a selection of free MP3 downloads. You can also visit his myspace:
Be sure to check out one of his live shows:

Oct 24 2009
Elevated Coffee
Portland, Oregon
Nov 4 2009
Capitol Coffee
Portland, Oregon
Nov 14 2009
Insomnia Coffee
Hillsboro, Oregon
Dec 21 2009
KJ’s Bar & Grill
Portland, Oregon

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